Compass necklace

Compass necklace
Compass necklace Compass necklace Compass necklace
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Pearl and Jasper with 24ct gold vermeil silver necklace
British Museum Hajj selection, 2012

This stunning statement piece features 24ct gold vermeil and oxidized silver. In the olden days compasses were used to navigate during the pilgrimage and this is symbolised by the golden arrow . The seven strands of beads are for the seven stopping points of Hajj, and the names of these places are handwritten in the designer’s own Arabic calligraphy on the disk shaped pendant. They are: Mikat, Mecca, Mina, the Plain of Arafat, Muzdalifa, the Plain of Mina, and Mecca again. Jasper beads represent the earthiness of the region and the pearls pay tribute to the sites’ uniqueness. Altogether these elements create a bold yet elegant necklace.

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